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Doberman Pinscher C064R/Rhodium with Color (RG)

Dachshund C046R Shorthaired/Rhodium Color (RG)
Dachshund C046R Shorthaired/Rhodium Color/8-White Dia. Collar (RG)
Dachshund C046W Shorthaired & 8-White Dia. Collar & White Dia. Eyes (WG)
Dachshund C046W Shorthaired/Rhodium (WG)
Dachshund C046Y Shorthaired
Dachshund C046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium
Dachshund C046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium Dapple
Dachshund C046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium & 8-White Dia. Collar
Dachshund C046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium & 8-White Dia. Collar & P Enhancer
Dachshund C046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N
Dachshund C046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N & 8-White Dia. Collar
Dachshund C176R Shorthaired/Angel Wings/Rhodium Color (RG)
Dachshund C176W Shorthaired/Angel Wings/Rhodium (WG)
Dachshund C176Y Shorthaired/Angel Wings
Dachshund C176Y Shorthaired/Angel Wings/Rhodium
Dachshund C176Y Shorthaired/Angel Wings/Rhodium E&N
Dachshund C499R Head/Rhodium Color
Dachshund C499Y Head Profile
Dachshund C499Y Head Profile/Rhodium
Dachshund C499Y Head/Rhodium Color
Dachshund C499Y Head/Rhodium E&N
Dachshund C504Y Head/Disc
Dachshund C504Y Head/Disc Rhodium
Dachshund C504Y Head/Disc Rhodium E&N
Dachshund K046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium (18KYG)
Dachshund P046 Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N/8-White D Collar (platinum)
Dachshund Shorthaired C546Y
Dachshund Shorthaired C546R/Rhodium Color
Dachshund Shorthaired C546R/Rhodium Color 8-DWC & DJR
Dachshund Shorthaired C546Y/Rhodium E&N
Dachshund Shorthaired C546Y/Rhodium