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Custom Creations
We have been doing custom coloring on our jewelry for almost thirty years now. Beginning with fish, we perfected our technique and expanded our skills through the experience, and we are now working with intricate details of dogs and cats as well. Please bring in a photo of your precious pet to your local jewelry store or send it via our email to discuss what you we can do to customize your next piece just for you, give you quotes, and coordinate the timeframe to fit your needs.

In addition to adding custom, one-of-a-kind color to the charm to represent your pet, we can add diamond eyes and/or diamond collars. We are always open to discussing other ideas and suggestions you would like to have on your charm to make it truly special for you. Never hesitate to call, email, or contact us through your local jewelry store to discuss your wants and desires for your own unique piece.

Diamond Dog Head .88 Cts. SI-H, 86 Micro Set .64 Cts VS F-G Platinum/Brooch (14KWG)
The lost art of fancy cut diamonds has made a reappearance in this beautiful brooch/pendent by Méche. Only a handful of craftsmen in the world can to this type of work. An American diamond cutter artfully faceted this beautiful canine profile into a diamond sculpture, placed in the center of 86 brillian round, microset diamonds and platinum, nearly 1 inch in diameter. This one-of-a-kind piece is valued at $16,000.

For the person who is looking to find that meaningful gift for their loved one. This is the surprise that won’t end up in a drawer. It will be the center of attention for any woman or a man with the perfect lapel. Click here to see the appraisal.