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Doberman Pinscher C064R/Rhodium with Color (RG)

The sculptures are completely three dimensional. All dogs and cats are available in this metal. Call or email your request of breed.

Our designs made in the USA.

Our designs are copyright protected.

(Due to the fluctuating price of precious metals, prices are subject to change, without notice, prior to order and may not necessarily be the exact price shown online)

Click here to contact me EMAIL.

Airedale Terrier K081Y (18KYG)
Australian Shepherd K194Y/Rhodium (18KYG)
Basset Hound K116Y/Rhodium (18KYG)
Beagle K045Y/Rhodium (18KY)
Bichon Frise K205W/Rhodium E&N (18KWG)
Border Collie K136W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Boxer K154YUncropped Ears/Rhodium (18KYG)
Cairn Terrier K103Y/Rhodium (18KYG)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel K141AY/Rhodium (18KYG)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel K141BW/Rhodium (18KWG)
Chihuahua K047W Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N & 7-White Dia. Collar (18KWG)
Corgi-Cardigan Welsh K096W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Dachshund K046Y Shorthaired/Rhodium (18KYG)
Dalmatian K172W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Doberman K064Y (18KYG)
Dog Bone Wire K431AW/.04 Dia. Bail (18KWG)
English Springer Spaniel K138W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Fox-Smooth Terrier K198W/Rhodium (18KWG)
German Shepherd K041W/Rhodium (18KWG)
German Shepherd K041Y/Rhodium (18KYG)
Golden Retriever K039Y/Rhodium E&N (18KYG)
Golden Retriever K310Y/Rhodium E&N (18KYG)
Greyhound K066W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Italian Greyhound K143Y/Rhodium Black (18KYG)
Jack Russell K272W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Labrador Black K040Y Field Retriever/Rhodium (18KY)
Labrador Yellow K124Y Retriever/Rhodium E&N (18KYG)
Poodle K082W Summer Cut/Rhodium E&N(WG)
Pug K063Y/Rhodium (18KYG)
Schnauzer K050W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Shetland Sheepdog K311Y (Shelty)/Rhodium (18KYG)
Shih Tzu K276Y/Rhodium (18KYG)
Siberian Husky K089W/Rhodium (18WG)
Tibetan Terrier K208W/Rhodium Black (18KWG)
West Highland Terrier K035W/Rhodium E&N (18KWG)
Yorkshire K127Y Short Cut Terrier/Rhodium (18KYG)