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We started in the jewelry industry in 1974. We have always had a passion for our designs. In the beginning it was nautical, wildlife, and nature theme oriented, then we started on the dog and cat breeds.

We have always had dogs and cats in our lives and we always talked about making a charm line of these wonderful animals. They live with us as a part of the family, go where we go. It finally came to fruition in 2002. There are a lot of breeds & a lot of opinions of what the breed should look like. So we started 1 at a time. Along the way redoing and adjusting. We are very proud of what we have now. Not that we are done. There are more breeds & versions of breeds & accessories to come.

What you see in this catalogue is 14k yellow, white & rose gold unless otherwise stated. We use rhodium and other techniques know only to a few to make the beautiful patterns that dogs and cats are known for. We can also custom color the family's pet to resemble their very own coat. Then of course there can be diamonds, lots of diamonds. Diamond eyes, diamond collars... pretty diamond pets.

CR Buck does most of the wax carving for us. He is a fine art bronze sculptor, a jewelery designer and fabricater as well as a fine art hand engraver, painter and illustrator. We have worked together since the early 80s and created some great product together.

Our line is in many jewelry stores around the country. Please let us know what city you are in and we'd be glad to refer you to them to see our designs in person. We believe you will be even more delighted with the pieces when you see and feel them in person. If you have any questions or there are breeds or items relating to dogs and cats that you want but don't see, please contact your local jewelry store or us. Any one of us will let you know if we can make the design, the cost and timeline.

Please enjoy our designs!