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To The Moon
To The Moon
To The Moon
Item#: Painting_152

Dog Portrait Oil Painting on Canvass, "To The Moon", 24x20, by Mercedes Franklin. For Sale

This is #4 painting of my "Flying Dog" series. It all started with a photograph from "Ylla", a well known animal photographer. Her photos were used in "What A Great Day" & "Talking Off". Numbers 5 & 6 are yet to come! I love the way dogs move, their spirit & the constant interest they have in everything around them. This collection has been new for me... colors, layers, movement, applications, tools etc. All that learning stuff & a vivid imagination.

The WPSE has accepted this painting in their Sixth Annual Juried Exhibition 2017. This makes a person sing...

A Story... The Call of the Unknown, Flying Dogs

Each outing took us a little further, a little higher & a little longer. We did not feel different at the time, but our enthusiasm made us oblivious to time passing. Eventually we started taking overnight trips. To be continued...