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Taking Off
Taking Off
Taking Off
Item#: Painting_151

Dog Portrait Oil on Canvass, "Taking Off", 24x20, by Mercedes Franklin. For Sale.

The photo for this painting came from well known photographer Ylla. Her concern was that "the dog be itself: if witty, at its wittiest; if noble, at its most noble, but always retaining its essential dogginess, which fascinates her as an artist and dog-lover." Quoted from her book "Dogs by Ylla". I have called this painting "Taking Off", it is #2 in my Flying Dog series of 6 paintings. Again I hope she is happy with the painted environment I created for her special dog. Anyone familiar with a terrier will understand the reference. It is a 24x20 Oil on Canvass. There are 4 more to follow in this series. Movement, energy & happiness become one in the life of dogs. We humans need to take on this mantra.

This painting took a 3rd place at the Central Panhandle Fair 2017.

A Story... The Call of the Unknown, Flying Dogs

Summer passed, school started and on & on. Next thing I had a business, began traveling and enjoyed it all. But the time came when the entire world seemed more chaotic. I pondered the when & why. This did not lead to any answers, but it did lead to daydreaming. One of my “out-of -this-world” influences was and is the Griffith Park Observatory. Sitting there quietly lost in the Universe, its stars, its galaxies. Finding that I was made of the same substance as the cosmos was one of the happiest days in my life. It all made sense, I needed to take a trip into deep space. To be continued...