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Doberman Pinscher C064R/Rhodium with Color (RG)

Schnauzer C050W (WG)
Schnauzer C050W/Rhodium (WG)
Schnauzer C050W/Rhodium & 7-Black & Cognac D Collar (WG)
Schnauzer C050W/Rhodium Black & 6-White D Collar (WG)
Schnauzer C050W/Rhodium/Cuff Link (WG)
Schnauzer C050W/Rhodium & 6-White D Collar (WG)
Schnauzer C050W/Rhodium & 2-6 White D Collar & Cuff Link (WG)
Schnauzer C050W/Rhodium E&N (WG)
Schnauzer C050Y
Schnauzer C050Y/Rhodium
Schnauzer C050Y/Rhodium Black
Schnauzer C050Y/Rhodium E&N
Schnauzer C175W/Wings (WG)
Schnauzer C249W Uncropped Ears (WG)
Schnauzer C249W Uncropped Ears/Rhodium (WG)
Schnauzer C249W Uncropped Ears/Rhodium Black & 2-8 White D Collar & Cuff Link (WG)
Schnauzer C249W Uncropped Ears/Rhodium E&N (WG)
Schnauzer C249Y Uncropped Ears
Schnauzer C249Y Uncropped Ears/Rhodium
Schnauzer C249Y Uncropped Ears/Rhodium Black
Schnauzer C249Y Uncropped Ears/Rhodium E&N
Schnauzer C332W Giant (WG)
Schnauzer C332W Giant/Rhodium (WG)
Schnauzer C332W Giant/Rhodium Black (WG)
Schnauzer C332W Giant/Rhodium E&N (WG)
Schnauzer C332Y Giant
Schnauzer C332Y Giant/Rhodium E&N
Schnauzer C385W Miniature (WG)
Schnauzer C385W Miniature/Rhodium (WG)
Schnauzer C385W Miniature/Rhodium Black/6-White D Collar (WG)
Schnauzer C385W Miniature/Rhodium E&N (WG)
Schnauzer C385Y Miniature
Schnauzer C385Y Miniature/Rhodium
Schnauzer C385Y Miniature/Rhodium E&N
Schnauzer C385Y Miniature/Rhodium E&N & 6-White D Collar
Schnauzer C448W Uncropped Ears (WG)
Schnauzer C506R Head/Rhodium Color (RG)
Schnauzer C506W Head/Rhodium (WG)
Schnauzer C506Y Head
Schnauzer C506Y Head/Rhodium
Schnauzer C506Y Head/Rhodium E&N
Schnauzer C511Y Head/Disc
Schnauzer C511Y Head/Disc & Rhodium Black
Schnauzer C511Y Head/Disc & Rhodium E&N
Schnauzer K050W/Rhodium (18KWG)
Schnauzer P050/Rhodium (platinum)